1. Select your package 

How to book 

Please review this page before asking how to book. Our automated response email will send a link bringing you back here! 

Let's Get It Started

2. Select your Date & Time 

After you have reviewed all of our packages - take your pick! You will be taken to the calendar page for that package. 

Give all the requested information - no need for a message (unless it's cute)! You will notice that you DO NOT have to pay and your balance due is $0.00. That will change when you receive your official proposal. 

3. Select your Date & Time 

Once you have clicked book - you will be taken to your booking Pre-Confirmation Page. It will list your chosen date, time, our address and a few details about your next steps. Please read this message when you receive and then check the email address you provided to continue the process. 

4. check your email 

You will have an email from The Chapel walking you through the booking and payment process immediately after confirming your date & time. Read the email and scroll to the end to view your proposal. If you didn't receive, check your spam! 

5. Review your package
& select add ons

You should see something similar to the image below. Your selected package with your name, your package and the inclusions as well as a several other options listed under ADDITIONAL OPTIONS. 

First, review that your selected package is the one you want. If you do not need or want any ADD ONs, scroll to the bottom and click the ACCEPT button (skip step 6). 

If you want anything listed, check the box on the left side of the image and update the quantity (if that option is available to you). Your price will update at the bottom in real time and when you are ready, hit ACCEPT button

6. Read our Agreement & Sign

Right after you click ACCEPT, you will see another box directly below the ACCEPTED LINE, Click it and read through our agreement in its entirety. 


After you hit SIGN CONTRACT you will see the same box pop up below your signature that says NEXT - VIEW INVOICE. Hit that. Here you will review your entire package with any ADD ONs (if applicable). Go to the top right of the invoice and hit PAY INVOICE, You will be prompted to choose full or partial. You must pay 50% of your total to secure your date and time. This deposit is non refundable. 

Make sure to review the two disclaimers at the bottom that require checkmarks. Then virtually sign your name and click SIGN CONTRACT.

Once you have entered your payment information and hit PAY INVOICE.  A confirmation of payment notice will appear and your invoice will update with your latest payment and when your final payment is due at the bottom of your invoice. Check your inbox! 

8. You're Booked!! 

You will receive a Confirmation of Booking email immediately after your 50% deposit has been made! This email provides a link for you to schedule your complimentary call with an in house planner or designer.
You will also receive our preferred list in this email as well. 

After booking, you will receive a link to your Onboarding Questionnaire. This should be filled out at your earliest convenience This is especially important if you have a request for an officiant or photographer. If we do not receive a completed Onboarding Questionnaire 7 days after booking, we will assign your vendors. 

You will receive a few additional emails from us that will further help us customize your chapel experience. This includes: 
  • An email providing further details on How to Get Your Marriage License (with links)! 
  • A questionnaire 30 days before asking you to select your color scheme and song selections 
  • A reminder email to bring your marriage license the night before your Elopement 

9. What's next? 


When in doubt... schedule a complimentary call. They are only 30 minutes at the most and can alleviate a lot, if not all, of your initial questions!